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Antigua to Gosport - Tosca Gunboat 68

Forecast was fruity start with squally 30kt conditions upwind and gradually dropping after a few days into lighter breeze just off the wind, from there was fingers crossed. Routing plan was stay close to the High pressure zone as much as possible and try to get a get out pan if Cold fronts built and tried to cross our path. If you can give these boats good sea state they eat the miles. If you get breeze and good sea its amazing but if not you need to try get the balance between sea and breeze as we did. Weather panned out as forecast and sailed almost rhum line to the Azores. We had a cable failure on the A5 which put out light air fast sailing weapon out but was not far to go before the downwind cold front slay ride would start. Arrived at the Azores midday in the sun and it really was glorious sailing. Everyone got a well deserved boost after the upwind sailing all the way there. A new page turned and this meant colder sailing but downwind for the remaining 1500nm to gosport. Again staying close tot the High and keeping an out was the plan so that we could jibe back into breeze if we needed more. The further intro the Biscay we went the lighter the breeze would be and further out closer to cold fronts moving N there was more breeze. Wind gods were on our side and we squeezed ahead of upwind conditions through Biscay a day later and this is reason we did not stop in the Azores b because forecast was perfect to continue. Unfortunately timing meant a head wind in the Channel to Gosport but you can't have it all. However all in all a good strains line trip. Good bunch onboard and thanks to Mikey the Captain for a gd team and well prepped ship!


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