Victoria - Oregon - San Francisco - San Diego

It was a shame to leave BC. What a fantastic place but the weather was slowly moving in and we had to find the next window possible to get south before the real strong SW breeze started.

We motored down the channel out of BC and was playing the forecast by ear.If the wind dropped down a bit we would go direct to SF and if the 40kt TWS stayed as forecast we would stop in at Newport, Oregon. Thats what we did.

After a week in Newport we got a window to leave but the sea forecast was 14ft swell on route. It was pretty fruity leaving the harbour in 14ft swell but we managed to time the outgoing tide well and get out before the real crazy stuff started at the entrance.

The sail to SF with 3 of us was pretty nice surf and wind although gusts where around 15kts in the squalls!

Nice arrival in SF, perfect flat calm weather and tide.

Stayed in SF for a few weeks then headed off to SD for the lift out. Trip down was pretty tame. Some nice sailing but had to motor at the end into SD.

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