Newport to Antigua (via Bermuda)

We left Newport in -5'C on the 11th November and arrived in Antigua on the 20th November. Forecast was 30kts NW slowly dropping and shifting to NE then eventually going round to the SW and we had to get to Bermuda before it shifted to not be banging into the breeze too long. All went to plan, the Gulf Stream was perfect and w managed to keep fair current most of the trip. It warmed up after a day and it was lovely to arrive in Bermuda after the upwind section but in warmer temperatures.

From Bermuda to Antigua it was forecast to be a bit tricky getting across and windless thundery trough of pressure systems. We had a few wet squalls but maxed out at 20kts wind speed. The clouds were fantastic to look at in areas but we did get very wet. The heat did not kick in to the very last 60nm into Antigua when the rain stopped. Great trip all in all, very hard to leave newport and get good conditions this time of year and we did not get many chances. Great crew and fun onboard.

Crew: Jeff Mearing, Paul Larsen, Helena Darvelid, Matthieu Cassanas.

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