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Arrived in Canet en Rousillion

We just delivered the boat from UK to Canet and actually got very nice conditions for the whole trip with great crew:

Jeff Mearing, Mike Yates, George Dadd and Kai weeks.

Departure in light winds on 18th September and arrived around 10pm local time in Canet on the 25th

One day of motoring over the biscay but up to the corner of Portugal we had great down wind sailing.

Friends of boat in front of us.

Live music after arrival

Starting Camp fire apon arrival with crew.


Date: 23 September 2015 16:43:56 CEST

We arrived into the med last night at around 10pm. The rock at Gibraltar looked pretty cool all lit up. Lots of traffic coming throughthe enterance but very chilled out with the wind directly behind and motor sailing. After getting through the entrance the wind picked up to 25Kts and we have had fast downwind sailing up until lunchtime today.

Now the wind has changed and we are heading slowly upwind to the port of Canet en rousillon where we will keep the container and boat until we head off for the carb.

Pos: 36'26.947N 1.08'746W

TWD: 82

TWA: 50

TWS: 14

COG: 25

SOG: 9

Dist to Canet en rousillon : 417nm

Notes: ful main and solent

Date: 20 September 2015 15:50:15 CEST

Heres the daily update.

Wind picked up last night earlier than expected a couple of days ago. We turned the motor off and got the small genaker up at midnight. So got a full tank of full still.

Just arrived to the traffic separation scheme / TSS off Finisterre. We decided to go outside instead of close to the shore to get in more breeze and less chop. The sea is lovely flat, blue and clear blue skys now.

The crew send a big thanks out to emma for the awesome grub she prepared for us. The cottage pie got finished last night. Fridge is working a treat so far too after kai added the extra foam for insulation

Pos:43'30.495 N 10'18.313W

TWD: 24

TWA: 135

TWS: 17kts

COG: 236

SOG: 16-18

Dist to Gibraltar : 627nm

Notes: Big genaker, staysail and full mainsail

Date: 21 September 2015 17:00:30 CEST

Heres the daily update.

Great downwind saiiling today approaching the bottom of portugal now headed for gibraltar. Ben flat sea but swell building in breeze, but glamour paradox conditions.

Cooker is woking well peter, although we do boil the kettle for quick tea on the spare one burner gas stove:)

Clear skys and warming up.

Pos: 38'12.460N 10'13.656W

TWD: 007

TWA: 145

TWS: 23kts

COG: 153

SOG: 21

Dist to Gibraltar:285nm

Notes: genaker,staysail and ful main

Date: 19 September 2015 19:17:30 CEST

Heres the daily update.

Nice sail across the channel managed to get some good miles in the bag under sail all the way just past the corner of frnce before the wind died and we have been motoring since apart from a small bit of sailing last night for 2hrs.

Biscay is flat with a small swell and lots od dolphins.

Pos: 46'30.198N 7'16.169W

TWD: 78

TWA: 145

TWS: 4

COG: 220

SOG: 9

Dist to Finiserre: 215nm

Notes: motoring at 1600rpm

Date: 22 September 2015 18:56:00 CEST

Approaching Gibralter starights under motor. We have been motoring since 0600 this morning. The breeze was great all night and eta for the straights was around 0800 but once the wind started to drop the eta turned into 'excited time of arrival' a usual occurance on paradox.

Wind is superlight,sunny, hot and deadflat approaching the enterance. All he windturbines are stationary, so i guess no kitesurfing in Tarifa. Looking likewe might get some breeze on the other side then in a day the wind will go on the nose unfortunately.

Pos: 35'59.283N 6'05.388W

TWD: 299

TWA: 150

TWS: 8

COG: 94

SOG: 9

Dist to Gibraltar: 23nm

Notes: motoring all other sails bagged out of sun.

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