Captains Log: San Francisco to UK

May 31, 2014

After a fairly calm route from Horta in the Azores we arrived as scheduled at 2200 5th June.

Forecasts where changing massively daily on route across the Biscay and dispite the backup plan of a stop in Spain we where able to continue 

See below the whole trips log:



Subject: Paradox update 3/6

Date: 3 June 2014 16:09:24 BST



Hi everyone,


Light air sailing today but nice. Looks like the original ETA of 2200UTC in Poole still stands. 


Pos: 50'16.763N 2'38.445W

TWD: 238

TWA: 141

TWS: 13

COG:  20

SOG:  10

Dist to Poole:  34nm








Subject: Paradox update 2/6

Date: 2 June 2014 09:49:42 BST


Hi everyone


Heres the daily update.

The latest forecast shows the wind coming in on wednesday now so we are headed for Poole. Good speeds yesterday evening and this morning 20kt reach, and we toned it down last night to 15kts as it was pitch black and you could not see clouds. Flat sea with a 1.5m swell so perfect for Paradox. Wind is due to be down a bit more so should be a bit slower but ETA for Poole is Tuesday eve around 10pm at the  moment but hopefully sooner if sailing in the channel we can average a better speed with the Genaker.


Pos: 47'55.406N 10'20.187W

TWD: 329

TWA: 80

TWS: 12

COG:  55

SOG:  12-14

Dist to Poole:  367nm

ETA: 3/6 2200UTC

Notes: Full main and solent





Subject: Paradox update1/6

Date: 1 June 2014 14:35:40 BST


After the latest forecast we have decided to head for the UK, with Lorient or Falmouth as our duck out plans if the forecast changes. Been cold and damp with fog at night for the last 2 days but we had 1hr of sun today:)

No wind up until this morning. The wind is forecast to veer to the NW from SW and give us nicer angles for the journey that will up our speed hopefully and save the rest of our fuel.


Pos: 45'49.013N 15'45.337W

TWD: 270

TWA: 140

TWS: 15

COG:  46

SOG:  11

Dist to Falmouth:504nm

Dist to Poole:  622nm

Fuel millage left: 356nm and 80nm reserve










Subject: Paraadox update 31/5

Date: 31 May 2014 13:44:31 BST


Hi everyone


Heres the daily update.

Forecast looks a bit better today for UK trip, so we will continue for  one more day and see what the wind brings us. The problem at the moment is lack of wind, with the small fuel tank we have we have limited range.

Foggy and dead calm here at the moment but we had a nice 9hrs of light wind sailing this morning.


Pos: 43'20.881N 20.04,685W

TWD: 320

TWA: 100

TWS: 3

COG:  55

SOG:  8.5

DIST TO UK: 862nm





Subject: Paradox update 30/5

Date: 30 May 2014 17:00:12 BST



Wind is very light and calm here. Had some nice sailing this morning but motoring again now. Looks like we may have to divert to NW spain and wait a week for the winds to calm. We only have 4 days of motoring and it looks like we would need all of this to just to get us up to the wind zone after leaving a day late from Azores. It wil be very tight to get tothe right position before the strong breeze starts and we will be out of fuel then which is not ideal. So close to turning right at the moment. I will let you know our decision tomorrow after latest forecast.


Pos: 41'29.044N 23'46.487W

TWD: 255

TWA: 170

TWS: 11

COG:  55

SOG:  8

DIST TO UK: 1050nm

Dist to Spain:700nm









Subject: Paradox update 29/5

Date: 29 May 2014 16:31:16 BST

WE left the Azores this morning at 0950. Beautiful Islands. Its Amazing being in the middle of Atlantic on these islands.  Horta a cool little island, but unfortunately to try get the weather window we had to leve direct and could not have a real look around. Full mission yesterday. Warren fixed the hole in the outer skin laminate on the bottom of the float which was caused by the trailing edge of the rudder hitting the boat when it got ripped out on the last leg. Roland prepared the bearing for the rudder and the 3 of us managed to fit the rudder back in its slot yesterday we have 3 rudders again which is great.


So headed for UK direct down the rhumb line  at the moment, and expect to be motoring or motor sailing slow at 8-10kts for 2 days, so lots of rest, then hopefully get a bit more breeze from the low pressure system thats coming from the SW of us. IN 2 days we will make the decision whether we head for the UK first or duck into spain or france on route based on the forecast. We are tight on time to beat the next low pressure and wind coming from Ireland towards the bay of biscay, so if it llooks like we cant squeeze in front of tis we will head east to spain or france and await the good weather for transit to UK.

Here i may loose my current crew depending how long we have to wait and then I need to organise other crew to help for the last 550nm stint.


Pos: 39'14.635N 27'44.935W

TWD: 232

TWA: 174

TWS: 7

COG:  57

SOG:  9

DIST TO UK: 1287nm 










Subject: Paradox update 27/5

Date: 27 May 2014 12:22:44 BST



Same conditions here in the high pressure system. Light breeze, clear skys, flat water and sunnny. Clear and cold at night. Lucky to still be sailing faster than motor can push us so we appreciate every sailing mile.



Pos: 37'32.403N 32'05.592W

TWD: 230

TWA: 143

TWS: 13

COG:  80

SOG:  9.8

DIST TO Horta, Azores: 174nm

Notes: Fullmain, Genaker.






Subject: Paradox update 26/5

Date: 26 May 2014 13:55:48 BST


Motoring last night for about 4 hrs when the wind died down, so we pulled down the main sail. Around 0100 this morning the wind picked up to 15kts, so now we are sailing in glamour conditions, flat water,sun and 15-18kts TWS. Amazing contrast too the first part of the trip.

The ETA went up to 3days motoring at 8 kts last night, now the Excited Time of Arrival is back to 1.5 days.


Pos: 37'11.554N 37'06.940W

TWD: 224

TWA: 138

TWS: 18

COG:  82

SOG:  12-15kts

DIST TO Pico, Azores: 410nm







Subject: Paradox update 25/5

Date: 25 May 2014 13:59:58 BST


Lighter airs now we are fully in the high pressure zone. Barometer reading 1025.4. Full main sail and  genaker sailing and surfing with the swell on course but at half the speed as the last few days. Hoping the wind will stay with us all the way to azores so we wont need to jibe north to find wind.


Nice sunny conditions clear blue skys to have showers on the back (super cold ones) and do some proper cooking.Warren the legend just made pancakes  for us all this morning. Cold clear nights but awesome stars and plenty of shooting stars. We have seen lots of whales, dolphins and turtles out here.


 Wind is looking good to go straight to UK from azores, so we want to stop fix th rudder issue and head straight off.


Pos: 36'32.063N 42'16.575W

TWD: 242

TWA: 145

TWS: 13

COG:  90

SOG:  10

DIST TO Azores: 660nm









Subject: Paradox update 24/5

Date: 24 May 2014 11:42:35 BST



We have now moved away from the low pressure system into lighter breeze, sun and smaller waves. Barometer gone from 1017 to 1023. The last 2 days have been the best sailing i have had surfing big swell in 30kts of breeze. She's in her element out here. We have been reefed down so nice  low center of gravity so feels very safe. only problem is lack of sleep off watch. So now itgreat t charge our battery's back up (and send a longer update:))

Rudder issue is fine but we will stop in the azores for sure now to check over boat.


Pos: 36'16.248N 47'54.336W

TWD: 240

TWA: 140

TWS: 18

COG:  86

SOG:  16 - 20

DIST TO Azores: 900nm

Notes: Mast angle sensor broke due to too much water i think, so replaced it with spare.








Subject: Paradox update 23/5

Date: 23 May 2014 13:36:11 BST


Sailiing as nrmal on the same take hopefully all the way to the azores. To rough to make an assement on damage to bearing or drill holl to drain. The water seems to be draining fine from the bearing anyway. Will continue towards azores .


Pos: 35'51.121N 54'42.544W

TWD: 225

TWA: 135

TWS: 28

COG:  82

SOG:  15-20kts

DIST TO Azores: 1100nm

Notes: 2 reefs and staysail and ORC at night






Subject: Paradox update 23/5

Date: 23 May 2014 13:31:21 BST



Hi everyone,


Heres the daily update.

Great sailing.winds stable now and getting good miles.


Pos: 35'51.121N 54'42.544W

TWD: 225

TWA: 135

TWS: 28

COG:  82

SOG:  15-20kts

DIST TO Azores: 1100nm









Subject: Paradox update

Date: 23 May 2014 08:03:42 BST


Hi everyone


We have just hit something and ripped the windward rudder of the starboard float.Francois confirms that the float is sealed and we wont get water inside the float. The inspection in the float of the next compartment foorward of shrouds has no water so think its ok. Boat still steering fine but plan to fit spare rudder in azores now.



Pos:35'36.587 N56'27.289 W










Subject: Paradox update 22/5

Date: 22 May 2014 12:26:00 BST


Hi everyone,


Heres the daily update

Nice sail yesterday out of beautiful waters of Bermuda. Downwind with genaka and full main all  night apart rom a few hours with the spinaker when the breeze dropped to below 14kts. Winds started to pick up now so sailing ESE to drop in to less breeze and sea state. Nice sailing.

Pos: 35'04.342N 61'44.444W

TWD: 261

TWA: 146

TWS: 26-28kts

COG:  104

SOG:  15-20kts

DIST TO Azores: 1480nm 










Subject: Paradox update 14/5/14

Date: 14 May 2014 17:26:18 BST


Hi everyone


Heres the daily update

Motorsailing at 7--8kts now into bermuda. Wind is on the nose but nice to chill out in flat water with no spray and big waves/buckets of water hitting you in the face. Fresh water showers off the back and making most of it.


Pos: 31'20.481N 64'10.149W

TWD: 10'' 

TWA: 20'

TWS: 7

COG:  358

SOG:  7.5

DIST TO Bermuda: 65nm

Notes: flat motoring with main sail








Subject: Paradox update : 13/5/14

Date: 13 May 2014 18:05:53 BST


Hi everyone,


Heres the daily update

We are now motor sailing in beautiful flat sea and blue skys after a couple of days of cloud and squalls. No complaints sailing on a reach straight at the mark averaging around 15kts for 2 days. She just eats up the miles in them conditions. Last night was a awesome full moon and went down around 5am just like a sunset with the clouds on the horizon it looked beautiful.


Pos: 28'06.758N 63'34.236W

TWD: 116

TWA: 102

TWS: 8.5

COG:  351

SOG:  11

DIST TO Bermuda: 259nm








Subject: Paradox update : 12/5/14

Date: 12 May 2014 20:49:23 BST


Hi everyone,


Heres the daily update


Glamour sailing at the mo. Heading straight towards bermuda on a reach. Lots of squalls and rain last night but we had 2 reefs and staysail to be safe.

Skys are starting to clear away now and the forecast has been spot on. Winds du to drop for last 170nm so lets make the most of this.


Pos: 23'35.044N 62'58.608W

TWD: 123

TWA: 107

TWS: 16-19kts

COG:  353

SOG:  15-19kts

DIST TO Bermuda: 531nm 

Notes: Pointing straght at the mark on a reach with 1 reef and solent out. Very well balanced and fast wih small waves now.




Subject: Paradox update 29/3/2014

Date: 29 March 2014 


We arrived in Falmouth marina safe and sound this morning.

Nice to be back.







Subject: Paradox update 27/3/2014

Date: 27 March 2014 


Sorry for late update, i dont think my email yesterday got sent to you.

We are cleared in and out of BVI and will leave for Antigua tomorrow 28th to arrive morning on 29th if thats ok? I will let Joh Bentley know.







Subject: Paradox update 25/3/2014

Date: 25 March 2014 22:58:57 GMT


We have been motorsailing up the Puerto Rico coast today, light breeze between 8 -15kts. Close to turning the corner upto Virgin islands now,then we line our self up for good  angles to Antigua.

Pos: 17'48.744N 66'22.423W

TWD: 130

TWA: 30

TWS: 8

COG:  99

SOG:  7

DIST TO Virgin Gorda: 120nm

Notes: Should arrive early in the morning in the BVI.









Subject: Paradox update - 24/3/2014

Date: 24 March 2014 22:01:45 GMT


Making good progress up the bottom of Dominican Republic, wind is unbelievably from the south and sea is flatter now.


Pos: 17'56.639N 69'49.671W

TWD: 160

TWA: 70

TWS: 13

COG:  85

SOG:  11

DIST TO Virgin Gorda: 350nm 

Notes: All is good on board







Subject: Paradox update 23/3/2014

Date: 23 March 2014 22:02:55 GMT


Left the great lttle port of antonio in jamaica lunch yesterday and now making good progress up the southern coast of Haiti out of the main swell and strong breeze.

Port side track  solent block gave in today so we replaced it with a block lashed to the car.

All gd onboard.


Pos: 18'05.272N 72'55.477W

TWD: 98

TWA: 50

TWS: 12

COG:  156

SOG:  10

DIST TO BVI: 500nm

Notes: Plan to to stop in the BVI on route for Antigua 








Subject: Paradox update - 20/3

Date: 20 March 2014 17:23:53 GMT


We arrived in Jamaica this morning at the Errol Flynn Marina at Port of Antonio top NE point, and glad to be on the land to be honest after that lumpy ride. We left at exactly the right time and just beat the strong 30kt NE breeze. The boat was great but unfortunately we had a couple of probs including small section of mast track damaged again,NKE wind unit on the mast stop working for some time. We will try fix problems today and have a day off friday before the next big upwinded to Antigua.  I think the mast track will be a temporary fix like before untl Antigua and then here we will need to replace the bottom part of the track and remove thee corrosion competely.


The people here are really nice. Customs clearing is free here too (which is a first) and the mooring is $15 per night so all in all jamaica is a good stop.












Subject: Paradox update - 19/3

Date: 19 March 2014 21:33:47 GMT


Been hard upwind sailing in these choppy conditions, but starting to flatten a bit now.


Pos:16'52.246 N 77'01.374W

TWD: 82

TWA: 52

TWS: 18

COG:  19

SOG:  12

DIST TO port antonio Jamaica: 106nm

Notes: 1 reef solent, going to stop into jamaica to check over the boat.








Subject: Paradox update 18/3/2014

Date: 18 March 2014 22:27:00 GMT


Headed for dominican or Jamaica now. Orginal plan was west coast of Jamaica but making good east now so may go straight around dominican.


Pos:12'29.854 N 78'17.969W

TWD: 77

TWA: 56

TWS: 16

COG:  12

SOG:  11

DIST TO Dominican: 415nm

Notes: 1 reef and solent. Choppy sea and a 1.5m swell.


All is good. 








Subject: Paradox update - 16/3/2014

Date: 16 March 2014 20:56:38 GMT


Just exited the locks safely into the Atlantic side. A bit stressful with the huge current that moves around in the locks but had a safe passage.

Heading now for Shelter Bay marina to chill out for the evening, check weaather and plan route north (probably jamaica direction looking at the weather files). We need to test sail tomorrow to tension rig again for upwind sailing, now everything has moved a bit over the last month.


Speak soon.









Subject: Paradox update 15/3/2014

Date: 15 March 2014 14:06:41 GMT



We are now at a mooring at the start of the canal (BalboaYacht Club). Transit is booked for tomorrow at 0700 local time, we pick advisor line handlers and lines at 0600.  Then if we make it all the way through we are booked in at the Shelter bay Marina on the other side.


Plan after that is to head North East to San Blas to pick the time to head North. North East route around passed Catagena is going to be out of the question. We have seen gaps in the wind over the month but mostly  blowing 25kts and sometimes 35kts on the corner which means massive seas in the wind against tide conditions here. Best to head north with unforunately negtive VMG to Antigua and keep in the lighter stuff, but we still will need to pick a good forecast to get nicest upwind conditions for Paradox.


Please give me a call on my US number when you get a chance to advise us on any updates and to confirm transit for tomorrow.







Subject: Paradox update - canal transit date

Date: 14 March 2014 14:58:14 GMT


We had the inspection yesterday at Flemenco signal station south of the canal and got cleared into Panama fine. 

The transit date is setup for Sunday 16th March unless I hear different from you.









Subject: Paradox Update - 10/3/2014

Date: 10 March 2014 16:32:15 GMT



We anchored in a small anchorage last night on Isle del Ray 40nm SE of Panama city to get away from the millions of boats and Mosquitos.

The sail down from the canal to these islands was the best of the trip so far. 22kts of breeze on the beam and sailing between 19-22kts in dead flat clear sea.

We are now headed North again towards the canal on stby for the Canal transit, we plan to anchor in the Northern most island 20nm from the canal called Contadora and make a dash for the caal in the morning if we get the go ahead.

Pos: 8'24.238N 78'47.231W

TWD: 310

TWA: 48

TWS: 5

COG:  356

SOG:  8

DIST TO Contadora: 20nm 








Subject: Paradox update - 8/3/14

Date: 8 March 2014 18:03:11 GMT


We left Quepos a super nice port (one of only 3  ports on the whole of costa rica west coast) at 1230 yesterday.

Motorsailing mostly although sailed for around 6hrs last night. Lots of rain clouds coming through washing off the boat.


Pos: 7'10.112N 81'43.155W

TWD: 148

TWA: 55

TWS: 4

COG:  99

SOG:  8

DIST TO Balboa, panama: 200nm

ETA: Sunday 9th 1300

Notes: Headed direct for balboa and the agent infoms us there will be a 2-4 day clearance delay at the canal before we can make the passage through the locks.







Subject: Paradox update - 6/3/14

Date: 6 March 2014 19:47:33 GMT


We stopped safely in quepos Costa Rica last night, we have cleared in customs required to re-fuel unfortunately. We will clear out of customs and leave early in the morning for the last 400nm stint to panama. Current wait at customs in panama is 2-4 days. 

Hope alls well






Subject: paradox update - 2014-03-05

Date: 5 March 2014 17:20:35 GMT



Hi all,


A  little bit of sailing last night but mainly motor sailing. Lots of lightning on the coast, but managed to keep clear of it.


Pos: 9'29.551N 85'02.490W

TWD: 252

TWA: 156

TWS: 9

COG:  98

SOG:  7

DIST TO Marina pez Vela, Quepos Costa Rica: 50nm

ETA Panama: 8th March 1200

Notes: We are stopping in Quepos to re-fuel due to lack of wind we will not be abe to make Panama on fuel we have.








Subject: Paradox update - 3/3/2114

Date: 3 March 2014 19:15:30 GMT


Dead flat and no wind last night. Lots of lightning on the coast but it missed us.


Pos: 12'33.082N 90'31.415W

TWD: 117

TWA: 7

TWS: 5

COG:  120

SOG:  8.3

DIST TO Panama: 826nm 

DIST TO Papaguyo: 305nm

Notes: Motoring direct on course with wind on the nose. Forcast is showing good breeze 15-20kts in 10hrs so we should get some good sailing miles  in. We will likey head to Papaguyo for a night to re-fuel looking at the wind for the rest of the trip. 






Subject: Paradox update - 2.30pm (local) 2/2/2114

Date: 2 March 2014 20:06:28 GMT



We left the nice little marina in Huatulco yesterday evening 5.30pm local time after problem free signing out of mexico with the cool locals.

Sailed for about 5hrs in the night with amazing phosphoresents in the water, it makes Dolphns look like missels following you.

Motoring since that dead down wind in light air. Luckily we purchased a fan before leaving.

The bay we are crossing is renouned for strong winds and big seas but we have got it on a good period of dead flat and light air, rather this than 60kts of breeze and massive seas.


Pos: 14'13.652 N 93'38.780W

TWD: 275

TWA: 159

TWS: 4.9

COG:  112

SOG:  8.7

DIST TO Balboa, Panama: 942nm 

ETA: 7/2/2114 2100 UTC

Notes: If we end up motoring most the trip we only have 4 days distance on 400L of diesal so we may need to pull into Papaguyo 514nm away.








Subject: Paradox update 26/02/2114

Date: 26 February 2014 19:40:15 GMT


We left the nice anchorage of Zihuatanejo yesterday afternoon at 4pm local time. We pulled the anchor up with with most of the nearby  boats on anchors waving and cheering as we hoisted the sails to head for Huatulco.

Motoring dead downwind last night but air was cool for sleeping. Sailed into a massive group of dolphins 1hr ago and me,paul and warren hung off the bow lines sailing along with them to cool down.


Pos:16'11.752 N 98'54.626W

TWD: 261

TWA: 140

TWS: 14

COG:  109

SOG:  11-12

DIST TO Huatulco: 170nm

Notes:  Today we are sailing straight at the mark in 15kts of breeze, perfect.





Subject: paradox update 24/02/2014

Date: 24 February 2014 17:14:16 GMT


Great night sailing last night. Sailing in shorts and t-shirt at now. We had 14-18kts breeze cruising at 14-17kts on a clear moon lit night. Sun rise is getting earlier every day. Hard sleeping in this hot weather when motoring downwind so good to get some breeze last night running through Paradox.


Heres the daily update


Pos: 17'13.079N 101'53.634W

TWD: 265

TWA: 177

TWS: 8.4

COG:  86

SOG:  8.1

DIST TO Huatulco: 344

Notes:  sailing to the coast to pick up anchor for the night.






Subject: Paradox update 23/02/2014

Date: 23 February 2014 18:34:03 GMT



Hi peter


Sorry we could not chat whilst in Cabo, i kept looking to see ifyou were on skype but i guess you were on different time zone. All is well onboard, we are motoring more than expected but all systems are working well. 


Heres the daily update


Pos:18'39.821 N 105'01.549W

TWD: 275

TWA: 178

TWS: 5.6

COG:  101

SOG:  8.6

DIST TO Hautulco: 525nm

Notes: motor sailing to hautulco, dead flat water and boiling hot. A few turtles dotted around, so a bit of dodging to do.









Subject: paradox update 22/02/2014

Date: 22 February 2014 21:07:46 GMT



Heres the daily update.


Set off from Cabo yesterday evening after a real mission with the customs and paper work, but totally legal now in mexican waters.

It was awsome sunset evening with 17kt of wind wrapping around the cabo point, it gave us a nice couple of hrs of sailing until we needed to start the motor ni the light stuff.

No worries on the AIS peter, AIS will always be turned on so you can track Paradox on (MMSI:319019700)


Pos:20'43.115 N 107'42.107W

TWD: 333

TWA: 149'

TWS: 7.7

COG:  126

SOG:  8.8

DIST TO Hautulco:

Notes: We are planning to head to hautulco a nice marina and achorage just before golfe of tehuantepec where we can time the crossing of the bay with the winds. and re-fuel. We may also stop at another anchorage on route to give the engine a rest if the wind does not pick up.





Subject: paradox update - 1100 17/02/2014

Date: 17 February 2014 17:56:21 GMT



We just got confirmation from Agencia Barreda we can sail direct to Puerto Vallarta and get all our docs from here. We have enough fuel ,food more wind forecast for the extra 300nm, so going to get a bit further south and dodge the tight/busy marina at Cabo.

Pos:23'08.550 N 110'53.229W

TWD: 320

TWA: 4140

TWS: 4.5

COG:  111

SOG:  8-10.5

DIST TO Puerto Vallarta: 322nm

ETA: Tuesday18th 1500

Notes: Motor sailing with genaka and fullmain. Fog completely gone now and clr skys.

Cooker fuel tube airleak is fixed so i can get the keetle on:)








Subject: Paradox update 1145 2014-02-16

Date: 16 February 2014 18:23:32 GMT


Pos:25'01.078 N 113'54.826W

TWD: 278

TWA: 159

TWS: 8.5

COG:  122

SOG:  8.8

DIST TO Cabo San Lucas: 229nm 

ETA: 17/02/2014 2pm SF time

Notes: Fog has gone sun is starting to shine so we can dry out. Dead flat sea, light air motor sailing with solent and fullmain @1600rpm on overdrive on engine. Beautiful full moon night with a warmer breeze now. Lots of dolphins yesterday and whales this morning.








Subject: Paradox update 1000 2014-02-15

Date: 15 February 2014 17:26:05 GMT


Heres the daily update. Sorry for optimisim in last update. We have decided my last ETA stands for Excited time of arrval:) Sailing at 20kts.


Pos: 27'13.924N 116'39.543W

TWD: 330

TWA: 120

TWS: 6-8

COG:  116

SOG:  9.7

DIST TO Cabo: 440nm

TTG: 2

ETA: 17/02/2014 1100

Notes:  The high pressure has kicked in here now, so pointing straight at the mark motor sailing at 8-10kts. Ropes,dinghy onforedeck to keep her more level. Fog has gone but still a bit nippy even this far south.








Subject: Update 0845 14/02/2014

Date: 14 February 2014 15:58:19 GMT


Decided to make the most of the conditions and carry on to cabo San Lucas. The high is closing in so wind is going to drop in next day and a half.

Thanks for update on cooker, we will check fuel supply for air/water today.


Pos: 30''06.512 N 121'23.905 W

TWD: 340

TWA: 136

TWS: 17-20

COG:  125

SOG:  14-19

DIST TO Cabo: 720

ETA: Sunday 16th 1200

Notes: Full main and genaker, sailing straight for the mark at 20kts and flat sea. Stuck a reef in for the night sailing last night to tone her down. Cant seem to shake off the fog though. But couldn't ask for nicer sailing conditions.









Subject: 1200 Update 13/02/2014

Date: 13 February 2014 18:56:27 GMT


Pos: 34'13.895 N 122'52.669 W

TWD: 307

TWA: 176

TWS: 8-10

COG:  129

SOG:  8

DIST TO Ensenada: 339

Notes: Great moon lit night sail, genak fullmain. Hydro gen working great. Must be best cruising boat on the planet. 

Wind now light, motoring the rumb line.

Having trouble starting the cooker. Following user manual but it starts only 10% of time. Back up stove being used.






Subject: Paradox update 1800 12/02/2014

Date: 13 February 2014 01:40:42 GMT



Pos: 37 02.677N 122'51.652W

TWD: 313

TWA: 135

TWS: 12

COG:  186

SOG:  11.9

DIST TO Ensenada: 480

Notes: Flat sea,slight fog, smooth downwind, Genak and fullmain


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