April 20, 2020

Awesome Caribbean racing on both races. MC was very windy and we had TWS on 34kts on start of the 2nd race. C600 was a bit of everything and a mixed bag but we had some serious blasting.

January 22, 2020

Left SD on 28th December and still working our way south to the Canal. Currently waiting in Nicaragua. Its a windy place!

December 2, 2019

Complete transformation.

September 28, 2019

It was a shame to leave BC. What a fantastic place but the weather was slowly moving in and we had to find the next window possible to get south before the real strong SW breeze started.

We motored down the channel out of BC and was playing the forecast by ear.If the wind dropped down a bit we would go direct to SF and if the 40kt TWS stayed as forecast we would stop in at Newport, Oregon. Thats what we did.

After a week in Newport we got a window to leave but the sea forecast was 14ft swell o...

September 11, 2019

What a superb cruising ground! Although there is not a lot of breeze most the time, if you like places with hardly any people this is a good place to come. You don't have to go far to find only trees and bears. Princess Lousia's inlet was without a doubt the most beautiful place of all.

August 7, 2019

We left Hawaii with a fairly good forecast. Strong breeze from the E out of Hawaii for 2 days and fairly big sea then dropping as we approached the High zone, then 1.5 days of motoring, then squeeze through the middle of 2 big low pressure systems moving north towards the high up N then a reach and downwinder into BC. The trip was 2766 miles in total and took us 10 days. Crew : Helena, Arthur, Mars, Jeff.

Good trip all in all.

August 7, 2019

Fantastic race and fantastic crew. The start was a bit disappointing with the big wind hole for 24hrs, however after that the breeze filled in and we had a blast. Flat water reaching at 30kts for 500nm then into downwind surfing for the other 2500nm:) Finished at noon and perfect timing for some well deserved man tai action! 

February 28, 2019

The crew for the trip was: Axel , Paul Larsen, Kai weeks and me.

Great sailing conditions all the way down the coast really.It did not warm up however until we got very close to Cabo. Wind coming in at the start of the trip was due to go on the nose and super strong if were did not make it out ahead. We just squeezed passed it as the breeze swung. 

Down the coast was light and we stopped in Ensenada to check in to make things easier.

On route we came across a tug and tow in the dark which was v...

February 17, 2019

 Nice to be back in Antigua with good friends on and cool project with a super nice owner. We had some fun and nice conditions for the start but unfortunately we had issues with the swinging centre boards and had to retire.

October 20, 2018

First race of the season on the mighty Powerplay with the new owner Peter Cunningham. He absolutely loved it and got the hang of driving her very quickly.

Great call from Ned on the start with 1 reef that kept it perfect for the reach down to the first mark. Good breeze upwind and light as expected throughout the Channel. Got caught in a Very fruity squall or down draft on the N leg from Stromboli. We saw 50kts TWS with the solent and full main which was a big lesson learnt for everybody!


September 30, 2018

Awesome news that Peter Cunningham has purchased the MOD 70 Concise to complete a year at least of racing on the beast. The boat has been renamed Powerplay and Peter has decided to keep the Team Concise crew on for the season which is great news because I am part of the team:)

The racing season includes:

- Middle sea race 20th October 2018

- Transatlantic Race 24th November 2018

- Caribbean 600 14th Feb 2019

- Les Voiles de St Barths 14th April 2019

- Transpac race 10th July 2019

Online news:


June 20, 2018

Great team and good fun race despite the light air. 

Light wind was forecast for the race to everyones surprise. Newport to Bermuda can be anything from flat calms as we had for this race to gales, big seas and tide sea state at the Gulf Stream. This race was light but we done it in style. Cabin each, nice food and showers.  Sailing with friends and good people makes the whole thing so worth wild. Hopefully next time now multihulls are booked in we get more breeze.

May 16, 2018

We started on 22 March 2018 and arrived in San Francisco on 14th May 2018. Over 6000nm. Very lucky all in all with the weather. Lots of motoring was had and managed to get past the bad sections of the trip with good conditions. The hardest section being from Cabo, Mexico up to San Diego, USA. This 1000nm section is hard on the nose and very bad sea state. Sea sickness conditions. We punched through it in 7 days and arrived with no problems. Downwind from the carib at the start of the trip wa...

February 27, 2018

Well what a race. With a strong wind forecast and big sea state we knew it was going to be hard. There was lots of good competition including the ex-prince de britane 50. 

We blasted around the course and got line honours and class a win. More than that we got around the course in that breeze with a reachy course. It was a awesome but tiring race.

We finished the race and also drank all of the rum barrel at the awards evening.

November 21, 2017

We left Newport in -5'C on the 11th November and arrived in Antigua on the 20th November. Forecast was 30kts NW slowly dropping and shifting to NE then eventually going round to the SW and we had to get to Bermuda before it shifted to not be banging into the breeze too long. All went to plan, the Gulf Stream was perfect and w managed to keep fair current most of the trip. It warmed up after a day and it was lovely to arrive in Bermuda after the upwind section but in warmer temperatures.


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